WIN Stadium FAQs

How do I book a ticket?

You can book a ticket by using one of the following options…

  • Telephone Ticketmaster on 136 100
  • Visit the Tikcetmaster website via the internet at
  • Go in to the WIN Sports & Entertainment Centre's (WSEC) Ticketmaster Box Office or any other Ticketmaster outlet.
Ticketmaster Box Office Hours
Are my tickets still valid or do I need to exchange to Ticketmaster tickets?
Do I have the same seats because I bought my tickets through Ticketek, but now Ticketmaster sell your venue tickets?
Will my ticket scan at the door/ gate?
I have lost my tickets, can they be replaced? Who do I contact?
I am no longer attending the event, can my friend collect the tickets? Who do I contact?
I can no longer make the date I booked for - can I exchange?
I have Ticketek tickets and I want to buy tickets available on Ticketmaster. Can I exchange my Ticketek tickets and purchase tickets through Ticketmaster for the same event instead?
Do we have seats and parking for people with a disability?
Ticket Purchase Warning
Scalping Warning

The resale of tickets in certain circumstances is governed by ticket sales legislation and may attract criminal penalties.  

Will I be charged a booking fee?

Most ticket prices include booking fees however there are times when the booking fee is added to the face value of the ticket price. Transaction fees may also apply for internet and phone bookings.

Will my tickets be posted to me?

Tickets purchased through Ticketmaster over the phone or online can be posted to patrons who nominate for this to occur.  This option is given at the end of the sale and there is a small postage fee associated with it.

Alternatively, patrons can opt to collect their tickets from the venue's Ticketmaster Box Office at anytime before the event or when you arrive at the venue on the event day.  The Ticketmaster Box Office is located on Harbour Street, Wollongong, at WIN Stadium's Gate A and is open from Monday to Friday between 9.00am to 5.00pm daily.

The cardholder must be present and produce their credit card, photo ID, the Ticketmaster receipt number and sign for the tickets before they can be released.

How do I get to WIN Entertainment Centre and WIN Stadium?

WIN Entertainment Centres is located on the corner of Harbour and Crown Streets, Wollongong.

WIN Stadium is located on Harbour Street, Wollongong.

Car Parking is now available at WIN Stadium (Opposite the Chifley Hotel), entry via Stewart Street and Harbour Streets. Pay and Display parking operates Monday - Friday (Free after 4.30pm and on weekends). Special event parking rates also apply on event days.

An additional car park is available only on event days and is located in Stewart Street East which is about a block walking distance from the venue. Special event parking rates apply.

Parking (Pay and Display) is also availabile in Burelli Street East, and is free of charge on weekends and on weekdays from 4.30pm.

The Wollongong train station is a 10 to 15 minute walk from the venue. Some local buses stop and pick up from the Harbour Street side of the venue.

For more information about getting to the venue, and traffic and transport information - click here

Which entrance do I use?

The WIN Entertainment Centre has three (3) main public entrances. The venues main entrance is located on the corner of Crown & Harbour Streets, and there are two side entrances, of which one is located on Harbour Street and the other located opposite Lang Park near The Illawarra Brewery. Your ticket will indicate which door number you should enter the main auditorium by once you enter the venue. These doors are located throughtout the foyers of the venue.

If you are going to WIN Stadium, Gates A, B and C are located on Harbour Street and Gate D is located on the beach side of WIN Stadium. Patrons using Gate D should walk around the WIN Entertainment Centre via Crown Street.

There is a No Pass Out policy in place at both the WIN Entertainment Centre and WIN Stadium.

For information on conditions of entry to WIN Entertainment Centre or WIN Stadium - click here

What should I bring with me?

Patrons are advised to bring the least amount of belongings with them as possible. Small bags are permitted but may be subject to a bag search and, at some events, may be removed from standing floor ticket holders for collection after the show. No video or digital cameras and/ or recording devices are permitted in either of the venues. Professional cameras with a zoom or detachable lens are also not permitted.

At certain events, the promoter may request a ban on all photography and signs to this effect will be displayed at all foyer doors being used for patron admission.

No commercial food or drink is permitted in the WIN Entertainment Centre or WIN Stadium and at times, other items such as rescue flares and non approved national flags will also be not permitted.

For information on conditions of entry to WIN Entertainment Centre or WIN Stadium - click here

Can I bring a pram or stroller into the venue?

Due to access and emergency management requirements, the WSEC has a policy that no items such as prams, strollers or push chairs can be left in the access ways of the WEC or the Stadium, during an event.

By leaving strollers or push chairs in access ways (especially the WEC cross-over aisle), they could create a possible obstruction to other patrons and in particular, could impede evacuation procedures of the venues (if necessary).

Where the event is considered to have the potential for a large number of prams, push chairs or strollers, the WEC will establish ‘Pram Bays’ (usually in the North and/or South Foyers of the WEC) where these items can be left.

In these cases, patrons should be aware that the WSEC cannot take responsibility for these items. The WSEC’s preference is actually that these items not be brought into the venue.

In cases where a ‘Pram Bay’ has not been established, patrons should enquire from Venue Staff (including Ushers or Security Personnel) where the prams, push chairs or strollers could be left in the foyers where all care but no responsibility will be taken.

The WSEC’s major concern and legal obligation is the safety of patrons and guests to the venues and we thank patrons for their understanding in this regard.

Can we use Cameras at an event at the WIN Entertainment Centre?

For most events, cameras are not allowed, particularly cameras with what are termed as 'long lenses' or 'professional lenses'.  Sometimes an announcement will be made before the show advising that no photography is allowed. Please respect the wishes of the performers, it may not only be the performers affected by the flash, but patrons too.  The venue will have signage at the door advising if cameras are allowed.  If venue staff ask you not to take a photo, please adhere to the request.

What can I buy at the venues?
What should I do if I have a problem on the night?
What do I do if I have lost something?
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