WIN Stadium Food & Beverage

The retail catering offering, in most instances, is one of the first contacts  that guests have with the WSEC.  It is therefore our responsibility to make a “good impression” by presenting an integrated retail food and beverage solution in the most appealing, relevant and accessible manner.

Our partnerships with the WSEC and their tenant Clubs further provide us with invaluable insight into the visions that each has for the future and the importance of constantly revitalising and value adding to the total guest experience.  It is though this process that we offer a reinvigorated retail food and beverage menu, consisting of a combination of key favorite “hero brands” and exciting new options. 

We also practice and live our world renowned customer service program GuestPath. By “creating special experiences one guest at a time” we can both build loyalty and exceed expectations.  This service philosophy is used throughout the world in every one of our venues and creates a solid distinction between us and our competitors.

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